Into Uncharted Seas - An Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Novel by E.C. Williams

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Commodore Sam Bowditch of the Republic of Kerguelen Navy continues the war at sea against the corsairs of the Caliphate, who threaten Kerguelen's maritime trade with her Indian Ocean colonies, and, ultimately, the very existence of the Kerguelenian diaspora. Between desperate battle at sea, Sam must administer the rapid growth of the infant Navy, oversee the integration of new technology into the fleet, and cope with his conflicting feelings about two women: medical officer Dr. Marie Girard, with whom he had a brief and passionate fling; and Madeline Dupree, widow of his best friend and the woman he had fallen in love with at first meeting.

Readers of the two previous novels in the series, "Westerly Gales" and "Cruise of the Albatros", has this to say about them: "Great story about a possible future..." The comparisons to Patrick O'Brian are justified" ..." It's a bit like "Back to the Future" meets Horatio Hornblower. It is terrific and fast moving." "This was an excellent combination of post apocalyptic and naval fiction, making it one of the most unique examples of the former I have ever read"..."I've sorely missed O'Brien with his untimely passing. But weep no more, as E.C. Williams has gracefully stepped to the fore front. One of the best sea stories I've ever read, and I've read many and many of them."

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SO NOW I’VE FINISHED ALL THREE OF READER E.C. WILLIAMS’ BOOKS, Westerly Gales, The Cruise of the Albatros, andInto Uncharted Seas. Quite enjoyable and, as I said, sort of like a cross between Steve Stirling’s Change novels and Horatio Hornblower, with maybe a hint of Taylor Anderson’s Destroyermen.

- Glenn Reynolds - Instapundit