E.C. Williams

cambioshotE. C. Williams, a native of Alabama, is the author of three Kindle sci-fi titles: "Westerly Gales" , "The Cruise of the Albatros" and "Into Uncharted Seas". 

He graduated from the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, served at sea, and remained in the Naval Reserve after "swallowing the anchor", attaining the rank of Captain while pursuing a PhD in business, followed by a career as a university professor and administrator. Most recently, he was Visiting Professor of Maritime Studies at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

He currently resides in the Low Country of South Carolina.


SO NOW I’VE FINISHED ALL THREE OF READER E.C. WILLIAMS’ BOOKS, Westerly Gales, The Cruise of the Albatros, andInto Uncharted Seas. Quite enjoyable and, as I said, sort of like a cross between Steve Stirling’s Change novels and Horatio Hornblower, with maybe a hint of Taylor Anderson’s Destroyermen.

- Glenn Reynolds - Instapundit